The leadership of the

Mgr. Ondrej Lenár, Director of the file

He served in the DFS Polana and later in a folklore Očová. As multiple files: Detvu, Marina and during military service he danced in Chinatown in Brno VUS. After the war he settled in Vienna and still two years danced in FS Dimitrovec. After those two years, he turned to the organizational work in the Economist.

Ing. Mgr. Michal, artistic director of the art Zábražný file

Graduated from the ACADEMY of PERFORMING ARTS in Bratislava-Department of dance art.  As the artist acts/l in DFS joy, FS, Trenčan freaks US Lúčnica. Educationally, choreograficky, overhead, he samples and at festivals such as. FS, FS, FS Trenčan Družba, folklore festivities … In addition, it operates on the dance lektorsky/l houses (BA, TN, Bažant Pohoda), Riverpark dance school and others. The artistic head of the file is from September 2016.

Ing. Matthew Kyseľ, head of the music folder has completed a basic musical education at the ZUS j. Kresánka in Bratislava in the field playing violin. Since childhood, he worked in a DFS Křemílek the DFS at Čečinka as a dancer and as a folk music primáš. He later worked as a supervisor//ĽH is a member of the DFS Křemílek the DFS with primáš, DFS, DFS Vienok the DFS, Gerulata, Lúčka-Wikipedia, Aconite, DFS, DFS, Magdalénka Rosemary Vajrab TS, FS and FSk, Art Limbora SLOVAK NATIONAL THEATRE. The head of the folk music in FS is an economist July 2014.

Mgr. art Blogs, dance teacher, dance art to a smooth graduated from the high school of performing arts in Bratislava. As a dancer/la operates in different dance styles: of FS Zemplín, RDS, Acrobat show Argolla, new scene, CreDance, Art Ensemble SĽUK whether various dance projects. Specialist folk ensemble is from the Economist February 2012. Christine Grizzle, dance teacher graduated from the ACADEMY of PERFORMING ARTS in Bratislava. How interpretka works in a variety of housings: Joy/DFS OZ Kubánkov sen, TS a bunch, OZ Enthusiasts, new scene, US Lúčnica. As an educator, acting/ila in FS, ZUS, Louis Rajtera, dance camps (Vajnory Priepasné). In addition, it also leads the school folk dancing on the dance houses (BA, TN, Bažant Pohoda). Specialist folk ensemble is from the Economist January 2016. Samuel Debnárik, a teacher of dance graduated from the Conservatory of John l. Bella in Banská Bystrica (dance department). Currently studying at the Academy of performing arts in Bratislava. In addition, it acts as an educator in the folklore of the Production and the captain of the Economist and the files in the files of the children's folklore and DFS Vienok Dratvárik. Educators folk ensemble from the Economist October 2016.