Short program
Short programs consist of music, songs and dances from regions all around Slovakia. It is suitable for performances that take place in smaller spaces and stages. Events fit for these programs are for example corporate events, balls, parties, receptions etc.
Evening program
This type of program has a duration of 90 minutes. Again, it includes music, songs and dances from all around Slovakia. The performance consists of all three components of the ensemble.
Traditional folk music
Solo program of folk music from various parts of Slovakia. Fit for listening, dancing and singing. This program is appropriate for various occasions, for example concerts, weddings, parties, balls, etc. Mob.: +421908 872 115
Wedding tradition: “Čepčenie”
This activity is an important part of traditional Slovak weddings. It symbolizes the transformation of an unmarried girl into a wife. The program has a duration of approx. 15 minutes without musical accompaniment. Mob.: +421915 165 080