About us

The folklore ensemble Ekonóm was created in 1969 under the University of Economics in Bratislava. The ensemble consists of members from all around Slovakia, who came to study at universities or high schools in the capital city. To diversify their student lives, they decided to become a part of this group. All the experiences, love for tradition and folklore that they brought with themselves is a key to this ensemble. Together, they help

Ekonóm to keep moving forward and improve in representation of Slovak traditions.
Ekonóm has a variety of programs in its repertoire. Whether you are looking for entire blocks that consist of all three sections (music, dancers and singers) or for a private small solo performance of either of these elements, you will be, without a doubt, happy with what we have to offer. Folklore ensemble Ekonóm regularly performs and represents itself and Slovak traditions in many performances and festivals at home and abroad.